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Women laughing together
Living in Comfort When Time Matters Most

Ensuring Comfort
When Time Matters Most

Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans

The Compassion You Need, The Care They Deserve

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Serving the Underserved

Serving the Underserved

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Proudly serving Orange & Rockland counties for over 30 years

United Hospice, Inc. (UH) is a community-based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization offering compassion, care, and comfort to individuals facing serious illnesses and to their families.

United Hospice—Here for the Hudson Valley

Hospice Care at Home

United Hospice provides compassionate, specialized hospice care wherever the patient is most comfortable. This is often in the familiar setting of home, surrounded by family and friends. Our nurse practitioners, medical doctors, and caregivers come to the home and provide customized therapies—allowing for the highest quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

In-Residence Hospice Care Options

Alternatively, United Hospice can offer hospice care wherever the patient calls home. This means we can offer services in a variety of settings—such as a local hospital, an assisted living facility, or a group home. We can even provide hospice care in a nursing home. Many patients and families choose to receive round-the-clock medical care in the beautiful and peaceful setting of our Joe Raso Hospice Residence centrally located for residents of Rockland and Orange counties.

Hospice Emotional & Spiritual Support

Facing a serious illness often produces worry, fear, and emotional pain for patients and those they love. During this sensitive time, United Hospice offers emotional and spiritual support services to both our patients and their loved ones.

Hospice Bereavement & Grief Support

The passing of a loved one can naturally be a time of intense emotion. United Hospice offers bereavement support and grief counseling to families for up to 13 months following the death of a loved one. Our dedicated, compassionate staff of social workers is here to help families adjust.

It’s never too soon to learn about options that provide support.

Call today about the help you need when it matters most.

Why Choose United Hospice?

You are in Control

Education is the foundation of empowerment and the first step to gaining control during this trying time. We share our extensive knowledge with each patient and family member, reviewing all options and providing insights gained from our years of experience. This allows them to make informed decisions about care with confidence, knowing that they will receive support along each step of the journey.

The Cost of United Hospice is Usually Covered

No one is turned away from United Hospice because of an inability to pay. Hospice care is fully covered under Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans. Our staff can work with your insurer to arrange for coverage. If you do not have health insurance, you may qualify for reduced fees or other special considerations. United Hospice serves everyone.

Individualized Patient-Centered Care

The only hospice organization to be awarded the highest level of accreditation— Deemed Status Joint Commission Accreditation for our services provided in both Orange and Rockland counties — United Hospice focuses on the patient’s wishes. We make every effort to keep our patients comfortable in the surroundings they choose. Our team works with your doctors to create a plan that manages pain and symptoms—all while providing spiritual and emotional support.

Specialized and Highly Trained Staff

United Hospice is the only hospice provider in Orange and Rockland counties that has a full-time physician that makes home visits, in addition to guiding our expert pain and symptom management team. Our Medical Director, a specialist in palliative and hospice care, works alongside a full-time clinical educator to provide continuous, forward-thinking training to our growing staff of nurses, home health aides, social workers, nutritionists, and therapists. Additionally, many members of our staff are bi-lingual.

Enhanced Quality of Life

United Hospice helps patients live as active a life as possible. Services such as physical therapy, massage therapy, and music therapy help enhance the patient’s quality of life and, in some cases, extend it. At United Hospice, there are more frequent patient visits than other similar organizations. Our efforts allow patients and families to spend meaningful time together, creating lasting memories.

Hospice Family Support

The emotional pain and stress of learning to live with a life-limiting diagnosis is often overwhelming for the entire family. Our multi-disciplinary team not only provides medical care and practical support for daily living—they provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families. We also offer respite and bereavement services as well as grief counseling to loved ones and caregivers.

United Hospice Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of United Hospice. We could not do what we do each day without the support of our amazing volunteers. They provide companionship to patients, assist in the office, serve in the community, sit vigil with grieving family members, as well as help in fundraising.


Hospice is the answer. After being informed about what hospice is and not the myth we think that it is, everybody agreed to let the old man have peace. I think together, hospice and the family, we’ve done a good job. We’ve done an excellent job. You should not have any fear contacting your hospice organization. Thank you, hospice, for all you have done.

John O’Hara, United Hospice Patient

It seemed almost intuitive how the United Hospice professionals understood our family’s particular needs. I didn’t know they personalized care for each family.

Carole Vickerman

United Hospice helped my mother maintain a quality of life in the nursing home — enjoying activities, family, and friends, until her very last day.

Marianna Avarali

I want to thank all the staff at United Hospice for their help and support during my wife’s last days; especially the nurses, the Home Health Aide, the magic masseuse, the spiritual guides, the social worker, and now my one-to-one bereavement counselor. All treated my wife with kindness, grace and dignity.

Husband of United Hospice Patient

I love United Hospice. This is the best organization ever created. It’s a beautiful thing, the way you honor the veterans. All wonderful people, absolutely wonderful.

Wife of Veteran & United Hospice Patient