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When at-home hospice care is not the ideal answer, United Hospice’s Joe Raso Hospice Residence may be the answer.

When is in-residence hospice care the best choice?

Here are a few situations in which United Hospice’s in-residence care is used.

  • If the patient lives in Orange or Rockland County, but his or her family lives too far away to provide care.
  • If the family lives in Orange or Rockland County, the patient’s family lives too far away to provide care.
  • If the patient has no support group or needs more care than can be provided in the home, whether he or she lives in Orange or Rockland County, or not.

The Joe Raso Hospice Residence, located at 415 Buena Vista Road in New City, New York, is an attractive option for many and is open to all.  Our nearly 10,000-square-foot facility provides the highest quality hospice care and services in a warm, home-like atmosphere. The residence sits on 11 beautiful acres with peaceful streams, woodlands, wildlife, and a pond, which patients and their families can enjoy.

The Joe Raso Hospice Residence provides a full range of comfort-oriented care and services, including expert pain and symptom management, nursing care, assistance with the tasks of daily living, physical and complementary therapies, friendly visits by volunteers, spiritual and psychosocial counseling for patients and their loved ones, as well as bereavement counseling and support groups for surviving family members.

The Joe Raso Hospice Residence provides:

  • Ten private, spacious suites, with ample space for visiting family members and convertible furniture for overnight stays.
  • Specially designed bathroom facilities including a wheel-in bathtub, radiant heat, and other amenities designed to enhance the patient’s quality of life.
  • Flexible dining options tailored to meet the unique needs, including religious and dietary restrictions, of our residents.
  • A Great Room where residents and family members can gather to visit, read, sit by the fireplace, or enjoy the view of the beautiful courtyard.
  • Private contemplation or meditation rooms, and private areas for patients and families to visit or meet with a social worker.
  • Life-enhancing therapies, such as music, massage, and pet therapy.
  • Beautiful, spacious, wheelchair- and bed-accessible outdoor spaces areas, including a courtyard, gardens, paths.

Please call us at 845-634-4974 if you have any questions or want to discuss if staying at the Joe Raso Hospice Residence is suitable. You can find financial information about Joe Raso Hospice Residence here.