United Hospice Program Funds

Support United Hospice’s On-Going Programs

United Hospice has established several funds to ensure the continuation of specific programs. There are several opportunities for your charitable donation, please explore our On-Going Program Funds below.

Bonnie Walsh Education Fund

Increasing awareness to the benefits of hospice care is an important part of the mission of United Hospice. This fund supports educational programs that not only raise awareness in our community, it also offers professional development opportunities for the staff of United Hospice as well as healthcare professionals in our community that are not associated with our organization.

Robyn Herbst Complementary Therapy Fund

This fund was established so that United Hospice can continue to provide a variety of complementary therapies that enhance the quality of life of those suffering from a life-limiting illness. Pet Therapy, Massage Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Equine Therapy, and Music Therapy are all services provided by United Hospice that help to relieve stress and bring comfort to those receiving care.

Thank you in advance for your donation

If you would like to learn more about any of the funds above that have been established to support United Hospice’s on-going programs, feel free to contact our Development Department at development@unitedhospiceinc.org or call 845-634-4974.

Thank you for your donation!  Your gift will not only honor a special person in your life, it will also make a difference in the lives of others, when time matters most.

You will receive an acknowledgement for this donation by email, which you may use for tax purposes.