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Our Care Services - Enhancing the Quality of Life

Our Care Services | Enhancing the Quality of Life

Emotions have a significant impact on physical health. That is why United Hospice strives to enhance the quality of life for our patients and their families when time matters most.

Our social workers support patients and their families through the many challenges they face:

  • Help families to communicate effectively with each other during difficult times.
  • Teach relaxation techniques to help decrease anxiety.
  • Locate community resources to help improve their quality of life.

Our spiritual caregivers offer:

  • Comfort and emotional support to both patients and their families.
  • A shoulder to lean on and a compassionate ear during difficult conversations regarding the end of life.
  • An alternative for patients who may be unable to attend their usual houses of worship or meet with their usual spiritual advisors.

Our wonderful volunteers are compassionate helpers who often:

  • Visit and read to residents, or simply provide company.
  • Run an errand for caregivers to help reduce their stress.
  • Provide support to patients and family on a difficult day.
  • Help with a household chore so that families can spend more time together when time matters most.

Integrated Health Care

Based on the patient’s preferences and individual care plan, United Hospice offers many complementary therapies alongside traditional treatments. Our complementary therapies are designed to enhance the patient’s quality of life and sense of well-being.

Conventional Therapy

  • Physical
  • Respiratory
  • Occupational
  • Speech

Complementary Therapy

  • Massage
  • Music
  • Pet
  • Aroma

If you would like to help ensure that United Hospice can continue to offer these fantastic complementary therapies to patients regardless of their ability to pay, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Robyn Herbst Complementary Therapy Fund.


I want to thank all the staff at United Hospice for their help and support during my wife’s last days—especially the nurses, the home health aide, the magic masseuse, the spiritual guides, the social worker, and now my one-to-one bereavement counselor. All treated my wife with kindness, grace and dignity.

Husband of a United Hospice patient