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Giving - Planned Giving

Giving | Planned Giving

Create A Legacy!
Plan A Gift That Guarantees United Hospice’s Compassionate Care Will Continue Into The Future

As a non-profit organization, we have been fortunate to have received support through the years from the Orange and Rockland County communities. The donations that we receive allow us to continue to provide compassionate, high-quality care to those suffering from time-limiting illnesses.

The future is uncertain, which makes your gift even more critical than ever. Planned Giving allows you to commit now to a charitable gift that will benefit United Hospice in the future, creating a legacy!

Planned Giving allows you to support United Hospice in ways that go beyond writing a check. Your generosity will leave a lasting impact, one that reaches well into the future. Regardless of your financial situation, there are gifts that can fit your needs.

Choose the planned legacy gift that is right for you:

  • Make a charitable bequest in your will
  • Designate UH as a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement plan
  • Name UH as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Add UH as the beneficiary of an existing savings account
  • Make a gift of stock or other securities
  • Establish a charitable annuity trust, a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust

To learn more about leaving a legacy, download our brochure Planned Giving…A Gift For The Future

Thank You For Your Support!

To learn more about planned giving, please contact our Development Department at or call 845-634-4974.
Your planned gift will not only help us to ensure the future of United Hospice, but it will also help you create a legacy.

Notify us of your planned gift and we will honor you as a member of our Legacy Society.

United Hospice Legacy Society

  • Madelon Berger
  • Kathleen & Robert Bookman
  • Stephen Grant
  • Don & Terry Karlewicz
  • Margaret Kraus
  • Tess McCormack Raso
  • Peg & Jim Murphy
  • Judith A. Pachter
  • Tess & Joe Raso
  • Kathleen Ryan
  • Barney Shiner
  • Sheila Bunin & Family
  • William Engel Trust
  • Frances & Ted Tarson
  • Rich Tinger
  • The Estate of Eli Avstreih
  • The Estate of Angelica Baeri
  • The Estate of Cecila A. Behr
  • The Estate of Jean Davidson
  • The Estate of Frieda B. Jones
  • The Estate of Freda Levine
  • Dr. Edward and Raselle Fisher
  • The Estate of William Loyek
  • The Estate of Gladys Mochnaly
  • The Estate of Carolyn Nagy
  • The Estate of Shirley Nicastro
  • The Estate of Gabrielle Pelletier
  • The Estate of Stephen Radomski
  • The Estate of Mildred Sansbury
  • The Estate of Letha Snedeker
  • The Estate of Albert C. Stehle