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Benefits of Referring United Hospice

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Let United Hospice come alongside your team to offer support in caring for your patients facing a life-limiting illness.

Patients who receive the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness often face a complex mixture of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. Coming to terms with such a diagnosis is often overwhelming for patients and their families and challenging for clinicians.

United Hospice understands the special connection patients have with their doctors. That is why physicians who refer patients to us can collaborate on care plans, continue to attend to their patients, and, most importantly, maintain the special physician-patient bond. We provide a full staff of specially trained healthcare providers, including our in-house medical director, nurses, clinical social workers, home healthcare aides, spiritual care advisors, and additional patient services. This team is here to support you and your staff as we provide care to your patients and their caregivers when time matters most. Our administrative support team can assist your staff in the completion of necessary paperwork.

We offer a full range pain and symptom management treatments. For patients who might benefit, we offer complimentary modalities, including massage, aroma, music and pet therapy to relieve the stress of living with a serious illness.

Benefits of Referring to United Hospice

Patient Retention

As the physician or nurse practitioner selected by the patient, you can continue to see referred patients and participate in their care plan.

Continued Billing

As the attending physician or nurse practitioner selected by the patient, you would continue to bill Medicare Part B and other insurers for any services you provide to the patient.

Medical Director Consultations

The United Hospice medical director is available to provide expert consultations to your patients when curative or life-prolonging therapies are minimally effective or become burdensome.

Continuous Communication

Our hospice team communicates regularly with the attending physician or nurse practitioner about the patient’s condition and the need for any plan of care changes.

Access to Expertise in Symptom Management

Our team members possess expertise in pain and symptom management, which will help improve the quality of life for your patients.

Education for You and Your Team

We offer education to health care professionals on topics such as: Advance Directives, Pain Management, Principles of Hospice and Palliative Care and Care of the Dying.


United Hospice provides an unparalleled array of support services to meet the needs of patients and their families when time matters most.

Education for Your Patients and Their Families

Our team members provide educational programs and resources for patients and their families on a variety of subjects, including pain and symptom management, signs and symptoms of impending death, how to cope as a caregiver for a seriously ill loved one, and more.

Satisfied Patients and Families

Patients and families consistently report a high level of satisfaction with hospice services; thereby, reflecting positively on you for making the referral for hospice care.

Increased Caregiver Confidence

As a result of the education and support provided by team members, caregivers tell us they have more confidence in their ability to care for their loved one at home.

Psychosocial and Spiritual Support

These critically important support services provided by United Hospice give an added measure of support to patients and families.

Quality Outcomes Including Longer Life

Evidence-based results have shown that hospice patients experience significantly less pain and discomfort, fewer trips to the hospital or the emergency room, and live longer with a better quality of life.

Determining if your patient is a candidate for hospice care can be difficult.  United Hospice is available to speak with healthcare professionals about the appropriateness and timing of hospice care.  Please call us at: 845-634-4974.


UH has provided my patients care and dignity when needed. The medical director is responsive and my first call for symptom management. The nurses are superheroes and invaluable in providing patients and families knowledge and emotional support. When needed, UH is an invaluable resource.

Lisa Hirsch