Your bucket list: Achieving goals and making dreams come true

When people think of bucket lists, they often think of big items like travel or skydiving.

But a bucket list can be more about personal goals, such as overcoming fears, reliving memories or making peace. And, in most cases, you can have fun and get happy along the way!

Before engaging in any activity that involves physical exertion or the risk of injury, get the OK from your doctor.

Take the risk – Conquering fear is a great way to feel at your most alive and powerful. Sure, this could mean sky diving. Or, it could mean riding a rollercoaster, getting onstage for karaoke night, auditioning for a play, or entering a pie-baking contest. If fear of heights or embarrassment or failure has been holding you back, it’s time to kick those worries to the curb.

Revisit childhood – This could mean visit the homes and neighborhoods where you grew up and made memories. Or, it could mean a day of watching favorite childhood movies, indulging in some favorite candy, looking through photos and dancing to some “oldies.” Hit the zoo; ride a go-cart; go to the beach; fly a kite. Remember what made you happy when you were five years old? Make it happen again.

Splurge –We often miss out on things we want to do because it is simply too expensive. But if seeing your favorite team play or going to a Broadway show is on your list, spend a little (or a lot) and treat yourself!

Spend time in nature – Shutting down all the screens and focusing on the natural world decreases stress, boosts happiness and renews the soul. Horseback riding, kayaking, or even ziplining can give a new perspective on the world.

Get weird with it – Ever have a fun, crazy idea but didn’t what people to stare? Now is the time to dye your hair blue, go grocery shopping in a tutu, or hand out roses to strangers on the street.

Make amends – Looking back on your life, are there hurts you would like to heal? Apologies to make? Reach out to people and say the things you need to say.

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