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Benefits of UH Referral

Let United Hospice support your team in caring for patients with terminal illnesses.

Hospice care offers medical, palliative, spiritual and emotional support to patients in the last months of their lives and their families. Our expertise is managing the symptoms and pain that often accompany advanced illness, improving quality of life for patients and caregivers. 

Your benefits of referral include:


The attending physician/nurse practitioner selected by the patient continues to bill Medicare Part B and other insurers for any services provided to the patient.

Patient Retention

The physician/nurse practitioner can continue to see referred patients and participates in the formulation of the plan of care. The hospice team collaborates with the attending physician/nurse practitioner.

Medical Director Consultants

The UH medical director is available to provide expert consultations to your patients when curative or life-prolonging therapies are minimally effective or burdensome.

Expertise in Symptom Management

Our team members possess expertise in pain and symptom management that will result in improved quality of life for your patients.

Patient/Family Education

Our team members provide education for patients/families on a wide array of subject matter including pain and symptom management, signs and symptoms of impending death, coping with caring for a seriously ill loved one, etc.


The unparalleled array of services provided by our team members provide the support that is most needed by the patients and families you refer to United Hospice.


The hospice team communicates with the attending physician/nurse practitioner on an ongoing basis regarding the patient's condition and the need for updates to the plan of care.

Satisfied Patients and Families

Patients and families consistently report a high level of satisfaction with hospice services thereby reflecting positively on the referral made by you.

Increased Caregiver Confidence

As a result of the education and support provided by team members, caregivers have more confidence in their ability to care for their loved one at home.

Psychosocial and Spiritual Support

These critically important services provide an added measure of support to patients and families.

Quality Outcomes

Evidence-based results have shown that hospice patients experience significantly lower pain and discomfort, fewer trips to the hospital/emergency room and live LONGER with a higher quality of life.

Determining if a patient has a prognosis of six months or less can be difficult. We are always happy to discuss any potential referrals with you. Please call us at 845-634-4974.