Celebrate Dad’s Legacy this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a celebration of the important role of dads in our lives, and a day also to remember the fathers who have passed. As the years pass, your cherished memories of your dad do not have to fade. Those who have lost their fathers can keep their legacy alive with simple steps that honor who he was and the impact he made.

Here are five ways to honor your dad’s memory this and every year:

Do some good in his honor

Several words come to mind when we think of the word “dad,” but “protector” and “teacher” might be at the top of the list. Families can honor this role by taking a step to make the world a better place. Think about the issues that were important to your dad. These might be veteran’s rights, youth sports, a cause related to an illness, or many other examples. Volunteer for an activity that your father would have supported, and keep his legacy going strong. No time for volunteering? Give your dad’s friends a call to check in, especially if they do not have family in the area or are living alone.

Give to a cause he supported

If you cannot volunteer – which may be the case given continuing social distancing guidelines – consider donating in your father’s name. Another idea is to create an online fundraiser in his honor. Facebook makes user-initiated fundraising easy and also lets you share memories with family and friends.

Enjoy his favorite activity

One of the best ways to memorialize dad is to do the things that he loved to do. If dad was an avid golfer, introduce your kids or grandchildren to the sport. If your dad simply loved spending time with family, gather everyone for a celebration of his life each father’s day. It’s a way to share hobbies and keep dad’s memory alive.

Visit one of his favorite spots

Most people have a destination or location that is close to their heart. For your dad, maybe it was the park where he met your mother or his favorite fishing spot. If your dad’s favorite places are nearby, take a short trip and appreciate the meaning of the location to him – and make sure the younger generations know why.

Share stories of your dad’s life

Memories have the power to turn sadness into joy. Grieving is a complicated process that is highly personal. However, positive memories can help boost mood and reframe the way we think about the loss of a father. Remember the good times. Pull out the photo albums. Celebrate the past and look forward to the future.

Remember, too, if memories of your dad are difficult to deal with, United Hospice’s Hope and Healing Program provides specially trained counselors, clinical social workers, and volunteers to help navigate the grieving process. We’re here to help you through your grief, so the memory of your father, or any lost loved one, lives on with positivity.