Hospice care in nursing homes delivers comfort and expert care

Hospice is sometimes thought of as a home-based component of healthcare, but many who are seriously ill also live in nursing homes. While nursing homes provide a supportive environment that addresses a variety of needs, hospice care adds comfort and improves quality of life. Together, the supportive services provided by nursing homes and hospice care can provide greater peace of mind to patients and their families as they deal with serious illnesses.

In a nursing home setting, hospice care involves regular visits by a hospice nurse. Hospice nurses provide expert pain management and help manage other problems that require palliative care. A hospice nurse also provides medications and supplies related to a patient’s terminal illness.

Hospice caregivers also give the same level of care and attention that would be provided in the home. This includes educating patients and family members about the patients’ condition and how to provide the best care. And, hospice care staff are there to provide emotional and spiritual support, both for the patient and for their family. This family support also extends further, covering bereavement and counseling.

As part of a care team, hospice nurses and other hospice care professionals also provide a variety of supportive services, to the nursing home staff. This includes coordinating care so nursing home staff can reinforce comfort and optimal quality of life, even when the hospice nurse is not present at the nursing home.

At United Hospice, we work closely with area nursing homes to ensure that patients receive more than just comfort care. Hospice is specialized, expert care with a variety of services designed to enrich care and supplement traditional nursing home care. Since hospice care is focused on the whole person, the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of care and support are included. With hospice care, nursing home patients experience a more complete spectrum of care that delivers peace of mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded the world of the fragility of nursing home patients, and the need for specialized care for nursing home patients, including those dealing with the most serious of illnesses. With hospice care, you can ensure that your loved one has a heightened level of care. United Hospice is here to help. Learn more about United Hospice’s nursing home hospice program.