Bereavement Services: You are Not Alone

Bereavement support groupGrieving is part of living. It is a healthy and normal response to any loss. While people can go through the grieving process in different ways, saying goodbye to a loved one often involves connecting with others. We are all interconnected, and funerals, sitting shiva and other ways we honor those who have died help soften the shock of a loss. In our current situation of social distancing, many are faced with a sort of ambiguous loss that can lead to prolonged grief.

United Hospice’s Bereavement Services can help. UH specializes in bereavement support, providing specially trained counselors, clinical social workers and volunteers who have unique expertise in all aspects of the grieving process. Even in these challenging times of isolation, you are not alone. Our support team can help you navigate your grief through individual support sessions, bereavement support groups, the Healing Hearts Program for families with children ages 4-18, and customized crisis intervention and bereavement programs.

While social distancing may change some of the ways people grieve, it does not have to lead to a sense of meaningless and never-ending loss. UH has a variety of tools to help others thrive and increase resiliency regardless of the situations they are dealing with. Thank you to our Bereavement Counselors who are readily available to help our patients and families through this crisis.

If you or someone you know is dealing with grief, connect with us to learn more about UH’s bereavement services. Let us help build a bridge between your past and future – one that guides you through the pain of loss to a place where you can find peace of mind.

Please contact our Bereavement department at or call 845-634-4974 and ask to speak with one of our Bereavement Counselors.